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1. General

We, the CoachYoo UG, pursue the website www.coachyoo.com and the CoachYoo applications and services. When it comes to fitness, it is all about persistence. We have developed the platform CoachYoo to motivate people to regular workouts whereever they are. Within the Community of CoachYoo you can complete location based workouts and compete with one or several athletes in your area. Your continuous intention to improve and to become fitter than others will be your motivate in all your workouts. Our Community goes beyond their limits and unleashes their true potential. We have just started to learn, what we are realy capable of. Please read the following terms of use carefully. The following terms of use are the legal framework for the use of the website www.coachyoo.com, the CoachYoo applications and the services offered by the CoachYoo UG.


2. Your health has top priority at any time

2.1. Prerequisite

The workouts within this application are intense. To participate and to perform the workouts you have to be in a very healthy condition. Before starting your first workout, please consult a doctor and discuss your participation in CoachYoo. If you have any complaints during a workout, stop the workout immediately and consult a doctor. We explicitly point out to women that workouts should not be done by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

2.2. Our workouts and exercises

Continuous improvements in sports and health science lead to continuous changes in knowledge in the field of fitness training. We were very careful by combining the workouts, exercises and instructions. However, we can not guarantee correctness and completeness. The completion of the workouts is at your own risk. We are not liable for damages and accidents caused by the execution of a workout. We recommend that you consult an expert before each workout and always do an appropriate professional warm-up.

2.3. CoachYoo does not replace a doctor

The services and information offered by the CoachYoo UG (limited liability) do not constitute medical advice, examination or treatment. Before starting CoachYoo, please consult your doctor. 

2.4. Workouts can not be completed everywhere

The CoachYoo application generates spots on a digital map where workouts can be completed. Due to the algorithm, these spots can be at places where workouts are dangerous for your physical health or dangerous to other people. Before every workout, please make sure that the given workout location is not a risk for you or other people at the spots location. If the location for the workout is dangerous at any means, do not perform the workout or go into a dangerous or prohibited area. Do not violate a law to reach a specific spot.


3. Scope

3.1. Contractual partner and contractual object

These terms and conditions form the basis for the contract of use between you and us (the CoachYoo UG, Farmsener Landstraße 193, 22359 Hamburg, Germany). The subject of this contract is the gratuitous or paid use of the services offered by us under the name CoachYoo via our website www.coachyoo.com, other CoachYoo websites or via our software applications (referred to as CoachYoo services).

3.2. Prerequisite for participation

You must be at least 18 years of age and you have to have full legal capacity.

3.3. Additional terms

Additional terms may be determined for the use of different CoachYoo services. We will inform you about these terms as soon as you enter the service.


4. Responsibility for user-generated content

4.1. No responsibility for third-party content

You are solely responsible for the content you upload within the CoachYoo Services. We do not embrace your uploads and do not own them.

4.2. No infringement of the law

You are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when providing your own content. Regardless of whether this constitutes a criminal offense, it is generally prohibited to provide content that is pornographic, sexual, violent, racist, incitemental, discriminatory, offensive and / or libelous. Furthermore, you are obliged not to infringe any rights of third parties. This applies in particular to the rights of third parties as well as intellectual or industrial property rights or trademarks of third parties. You must be the owner of the required rights to your profile picture and other photos and videos you have posted. We reserve the right at any time to delete or remove content that is against the law or contrary to the above mentioned principles. If you violate the above mentioned principles, we are entitled to warn you or temporarily block your user account or to terminate the user agreement.

4.3. Exemption

In the event that you breach the principles set in clause 4.2 and you are at fault (either acting diligently or intentionally), you shall be liable to us for any third party claims to indemnify such an infringement. We reserve the right to assert claims for damages and other claims.


5. Final provision

5.1. The language of this contract is english.

5.2. Severability

If any provision(s) of these Official Rules are held to be invalid or unenforceable, all remaining provisions hereof will remain in full force and effect.

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